nazispleazdie (nazispleazdie) wrote,

Unconventional body = womanly body?

    How come when people talk about jlo and tyra they say they have a womanly body but also an unconventional body? Eh, and why are "minority" woman "allowed"  to have curves and white woman are not? How can a womanly body be unconventional? The word conventional alone denotes a meaning and conotation of usual, traditional and common but this womanly figure is uncommon to most women? Most women have "curves" because being 90 pounds doesn't do well when carrying a baby and being 90-110 pounds and then putting fake tits in just proves the point more that those women are the unconventioanl ones! Probably less than 1% of woman have a small waist and c cup breasts! It just doesnt happen!
So these woman ,who are suppose to be our role models body wise, got their bodies with starving, surgery and sickness and their only selfesteem lies in how others perceive them. I feel horrible for these women, but more so I feel horrible for the millions of young girls in the world who have been taught to think they should look this way and if they don't they are unconventional, a freak, or fat.
And no I do not approve of the opposite extreme either, obesity, because I believe in being healthy and having a balance between beauty, intelligence, muscle and mind.
Who made being a waif conventional anyway? No offense to those who are small just because god made you that way. We are all beautiful in how we naturally are, but the problem is we don't live in a natural way and so finding our balance can be hard.
I think I have finally found mine.I pray for you to find yours if you are seeking it.

Love and be loved.
Talk to strangers and go outside!
The sun is your friend and so am I.
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