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Start your places!

I am starting my very crazy life today. I have my first day with mad scientist at Lake. St. George elem. today teaching a class on nutrition. I won't be teaching today but I will be observing the instructor in preparation for teaching on wednesday. Ill observe him today and tomorrow and start teaching on wednesday. I am super dupper nervous but I think it will be ok. On top of that i still have Target from like 5 to close, but I did quit officially yesterday and I feel good about it. I am going to still try to substitute on fridays and see how that goes. I also have an appointment with ymca on wednesday for a position, but im not sure if it will fit into my schedule. I want to cancel because I don't want to waste their time but I guess in case another position opens there its good to have my face in their memory.

Anyway.... between all of this im going to try to get sleep, see my man and have some down time. But I might not have this balance act down for a while so wish me luck!
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