nazispleazdie (nazispleazdie) wrote,

one less hour

So today I am singing in the praise team for my team for the first time. I had to get up early to go in at 7 to do the sound check and so I’m just kind of killing time now until I have to be there. This week has held a lot of different emotions. I have been sad, accomplished, angry and confused. Right now I suppose I have just decided once more to keep going on despite how I feel. I’m trying to be positive and I am researching more on the subject of magnets because I feel as if the lesson that is laid out for me to do with mad science is lacking. If there is something I hate, its repeating the same information over and over again in a lesson because I have no other information. Im not going to let this happen. Also I cannot allow my children to be bored. Especially when next week is there last week. Well,  I suppose I will get going now. Im glad im singing again. It will be nice to be on stage again.

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