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I dont mind being busy.... yet.

I’m not super busy, but I am busy enough. Next week is going to be crazy but I do like being busy to a certain extent. Today I volunteered but only for an hour because then I got a call from Jeff saying he wondered if I wanted to observe a birthday party and I said yes! Its at 1 and I need to be there at 12:45, so I cut volunteering short. Next week I have scheduled to take a class on Monday and Wednesday from 4-7 pm about Crisis prevention. But on Monday I will be volunteering with enterprise village until around 1:30 and then I will be heading home and then going to Dunedin for the class and then after class I will be heading to choir practice. Then on Tuesday I have an interview with a preschool day care center that I am excited about. Then Wednesday I don’t have much, possibly training for mad science and then I have the class again from 4-7 and then I have to get to choir practice once again. I think the class will be worth the hassle though, and at the very least it will look good on my resume.

I know I do a lot, but its really just hard because my schedule is so weird and everything I want to do is during the week. But I should be training to do birthday parties soon and then ill have some work on the weekends too. I know once everything is in motion I will be overwhelmed but o well, that’s what im used to. I like chilling out, but my natural state is being busy and active. How else should one live life?

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