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My life is pretty uneventful

Bryan has been in Pennsylvania since Thursday and I am really really missing him. It’s weird because I’m used to seeing him every day, but now I don’t see him ever and I hardly get to talk to him. I have to fill my time with other things and other people of which there are too few. This past weekend I hung out with Linda, her friend Ryan and Leigh on Friday. Then I went to ren fest with Linda and her current guy. It was ok, but I would have had a lot more fun with sue or Bryan there because although Linda and I did hang out for a bit we didn’t get to like go off on our own and have adventures. O well, what are you going to do. Yesterday was the first day back at mad science. I am only going to be teaching Monday and Tuesday which leaves Wednesday-Friday to substitute I suppose. I am going back to mediera beach elem to sub for Coach Jurscick for three days because he has to go into surgery and the coaches there wanted me to sub again. That makes me feel good, like I have the acceptance of being a somewhat good teacher or substitute somewhere.  The only other things I am doing is looking for jobs, not doing the dishes as much as I should and singing at church which I am getting a little bored of because the pieces are so simple. If I stop being challenged I usually move onto something else. I suppose I will sing for a while though because I don’t have anything else to do. Today I have my first day at plumb elem. teaching mad science. Yesterday I taught at tarpon spring fundamental and the kids were really great. We got in late but they followed directions like pros and we actually got out of the class early. I didn’t get to do everything I wanted to but that’s the nature of the first day. I’ve got to go to my dad’s to make a candle out of a potato so I’m going to head out.

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