nazispleazdie (nazispleazdie) wrote,

Life Update

I’m living in Tallahassee again and I started my job as a Program Specialist of Health Sciences and Human Services for the Career and Adult Education division of the Florida Department of Education. And yes, it’s as complicated as it sounds. I started last Monday and I am still getting used to all the acronyms, information, people and documents to know and I already have a conference in Orlando next week where Ill be meeting more people and learning more things!

Anyway, right now I’m just being lazy at home, drinking coffee and watching Gilmore girls. Yesterday I was literally shopping all day for new clothes and I got a lot of great deals. Then when I was at Ross I stumbled across an old friend and we got to talking. Charlotte is a friend of Mary’s and she actually went to Italy with me but we didn’t hang out much when we were there. She is very cool, smart and funny and so I’m hopping I might have a good friend in the works here. Bryan came up last Saturday and stayed until Friday when he left to see his friend off. Susan helped move me up and then stayed until last Saturday and we had a blast. I miss her a lot. So this weekend is really the first time I’ve been really alone in my new house. It’s ok, but I can't wait for Bryan to be home. Although we haven't been living together long or even consistently we have been having a good time. We really only had a little tiff the first day over stupid stuff and then we were fine. We fight more when were apart actually.

I’m not sure what I’m going to end up doing today. I do have some little things to look over like my insurance and benefits from work and I need to buy a shoe rack and I might go by BEALLS or Marshalls and see what they have in the way of wall art.Also, I need to cut out my business cards that a fellow coworker helped me make for the conference.

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