nazispleazdie (nazispleazdie) wrote,


Most of the time I don’t want to think and sit in silence and wonder what I am. If I stop to ponder my purpose I won’t find much but disappointment in myself. How does one find who they are and be courageous enough to be that person and live that way? Where do you find a world to live in? People to share it with? I have not found this in its entirety. I wonder if anyone does. I hope someone does. It takes days like this, gorgeous, sunny days that beckon you to bask in the sun and listen to the trees and the crisp leaves beneath your canvas covered feet to know that where you are is not where you belong. Four cold walls and emotionless images that contain strenuous words and tones that strangle any carefree spirit. Where is there left to live like we were intended to thrive? Not by meaningless thoughts and actions but by helping hands and inventive minds. Show me. I will break these chains for it if I had the strength and the tools. Show me and I will. I want to thrive and laugh and sing and dive and love, and be loved. My voice calls out for this, whether you can hear it or not. My eyes yearn to see this world, whether you can see me or not. All of me does. Every moment. Every Breath. Every beat. Until there is none.

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