nazispleazdie (nazispleazdie) wrote,

Bored and watching full house

No wonder I think that everything is always going to turn out ok after a few days or weeks. Sitcoms and movies have kind of programmed most of us to think that we will have problems but magically or conveniently they will be solved within a half hour to 2 hours. Granted, in some movies the problems are never solved and those are the ones I like the most. But we watch these episodes and stories to escape from our long, arduous journey in life, but after its done we start to dream and wonder if life could be like that. And if it was like that would it be worth living? Im not sure. I watch full house and I am kind of sickened by how everything turns out ok, no one is upset and the laugh track keeps everyones spirits up. This is not really life and I don't want it to be. But every once and a while I wish my life could just have a small portion of the magic that is in books, tv shows and movies. I hope I get a love, friends and family who will be there for me always and eventually everything will turn out ok. I think it will. Right now my life is a lot of sitting around doing nothing interrupted by interesting people and somewhat intriguing men.

I would be a super hero if my life was a tv show anyway.
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